kowarechau asked:

Didn't you want to become a vegetarian? Don't get me wrong, but when i found that you're not a vegan (let alone vegetarian), i was honestly surprised. As someone who seems to love animals as much as you do, it is odd that you contribute to such a cruel industry. This is not supposed to sound preachy! I just think it's something you might want to consider. :) Either way, i appreciate your blog a lot, it's probably my favorite. So thank you for that! Have a nice day :)

different answers:

1. Emotional Over-reaction: I DONT FUCKING ANSWER TO YOU ANYMORE MOM!!! 

2. Personal Journey:  I am actually vegetarian most of the time. I occasionally eat meat (seafood) if I am reasonably assured that its cruelty minimal and environmentally sustainable. I don’t mind meat if it conforms to these ethical standards. I don’t actually eat red meat ever. I rarely eat meat in restaurants (again seafood if i think its sustainable).

3. Talk to the mink and the lion and that horse that stomps on rabbits… I’m a member of an omnivorous species. I’m with them. I am a part of nature, not apart from it. Life feeds on life. Animals kill and eat each other. I do not feel bad about this. Its is. I am. There you are.

I love you too. xo

  1. sadstatueofliberty said: Killin it as usual. Not only do you blog great shit but you answer the questions you get perfectly haha. Keep killin it.
  2. kaleidoscopize said: I really like how you answered this
  3. pantstrovich said: Sounds pretty much exactly like my eating habits.
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