Loris champion: conserving the world’s most surprising primate family

by Jeremy Hance

Before Anna Nekaris began championing the cause of the world’s lorises, little was known about this cryptic family of large-eyed, nocturnal, insect-eating, venomous primates. Nekaris, with Oxford Brookes University and founder of the Little Fireface Project, has been instrumental in documenting rarely-seen loris behavior, establishing conservation programs, and identifying new species of these hugely-imperiled Asian primates.

"I just fell in love with them. The slender lorises were like googly eyed bananas on stilts, and the slow lorises were like pumped up versions," Nekaris told mongabay.com in an interview. "They always look so crafty when you spot one in the forest, as if they have been watching you for hours, while you have been searching for them. They were considered ugly, brown and boring by most primatologists. Second-rate citizens to the fabulous lemurs. But I found out they could race walk as fast as a squirrel could run, their home ranges were the size of 20 football pitches, they could decapitate noxious insects at a rate that would make a french revolutionary proud, and that they loved each other!" …

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(photos: T/M - The Little Fire Face Project; B - Jen Caldwell)

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    Who called lorises ugly and boring?! They are tied with lemurs for my favorite type of primate.
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    "decapitate noxious insects at a rate that would make a french revolutionary proud" Anna Nekaris captured precisely why...
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