To Demonstrate How Spiders Fly (1909)

This charming short film is surprisingly technically advanced for its time, using a mechanical spider to demonstrate how the creatures spin the threads to create their webs. Suddenly the spider lifts up all of its legs, allowing itself to be dragged through the air, an effect that is both amusing and disarming, before gracefully descending through a series of mid-air acrobatics.

Percy Smith believed he could cure people of their arachnophobia with his short films showing enlarged replicas of spiders, and certainly most viewers would be more delighted than scared by the mechanical star of this short. The final image of a real spider scrabbling around its web might be less endearing, however. (Alex Davidson)

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The Survival of the Sea Turtle

Watch the miraculous journey of infant sea turtles as these tiny animals run the gauntlet of predators and harsh conditions. Then, in numbers, see how human behavior has made their tough lives even more challenging.

Lesson by Scott Gass, animation by Veronica Wallenberg and Johan Sonestedt.

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Bryum & Kapok 03: A Lilt  by Overture

Overture is Jason & Aya Brown, a talented husband/wife duo who work in illustration and animation- mixing traditional watercolor and ink work. This piece is an animation they did for FatCat Records using animation and their signiature watercolor technique as well!

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* this is one of the sweetest and most beautifully delightful pieces of animation i have seen ina long time :3